Onsite organizational agility coaching and advising truly depends on the context of your organization. However, activities typically involve the following:​

  • Discovery and alignment sessions to:

    • understand and align on the vision for change

    • explore options for connecting demand with delivery capabilities

    • define products

    • build cross-functional teams

  • Creation of an internal change team or guiding coalition

  • Team coaching and advising to reinforce classroom training

  • Leadership coaching on supporting the change, making decisions as needed, removing roadblocks, and maintaining momentum

If you have questions or want to discuss coaching and advising for your organization please email


Coaching and advising is about continuously learning, improving, and getting the nudge you need to move forward and drive change. 

Each coaching session is driven by you. Bring your problems, questions, ideas, and stories to this session and leave with knowledge, new ideas, and actionable things to apply in your organization. Coaching sessions may involve listening, questioning, mentoring, teaching, facilitating, and advising depending on the topic you bring.

Who Can Attend

Anyone is welcome. You may be in one or more of the following roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Manager/Leader/Executive, Development Team, Business Analyst, Project Manager.

What Else Should I Know?

  • These are currently free and limited by my availability.

  • Sessions are remote and video chat is required to ensure the richest form of communication.

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